May Day: The 2015 Spring Show. Now through July 5th. May 07 2015

Dear Friends -
Spring comes with a long, rich history of traditions and rituals. In earlier times, the vernal equinox was considered the first day of the year for those who worked the land. It signified the beginning of a season of regeneration and growth. Worshippers prayed to Eostre, the moon goddess of fertility. The Druid goddess Blodeuwedd also symbolized fertility – but also magic, innocence and dawn.
In Germany, May Day (Der Este Mai) is an ancient festival designed to welcome warmer weather and drive away evil spirits. Bonfires are lit to scare away witches. Children play pranks on one another. Young men wrap branches in colorful ribbons and put them in the gardens of girls they would like to marry. 
My 2015 Spring Show is inspired by this wonderful folklore. I've searched to bring you the best original, contemporary art I can find. You can expect over 40 extraordinary pieces of painting, sculpture, drawing and collage from dozens of emerging artists. 
I hope you'll come share a glass of riesling for the opening of May Day on Friday, May 1st from 5-9pm. Bring friends, new and old, and if you haven't already, please like the gallery on Facebook and follow me on Instagram and Pinterest.
I looking forward to seeing you. - Jeffrey