Dark Matter: The 2015 Winter Show. Opening Saturday, February 21st. 6-9pm. February 15 2015

Dear Friends,

I was terrible at physics in high school. But as I've grown older I've become fascinated by science and outer space. Today, one of the great unanswered questions in astrophysics concerns a substance that actually makes up most of the universe. It's completely invisible yet possesses the gravity that holds our entire galaxy together. This mysterious stuff is called dark matter.

As a curator, it's my job to assemble collections of disparate artworks that ultimately hold together as a group. Generally this starts with a theme and you set out to find pieces that relate back to that idea. It can be done literally. But for me its best when the connections between the dots are less obvious, when the glue is more transparent yet holds everything perfectly in place.

My all black and white Winter Show entitled 'Dark Matter' opens Saturday, February 21st from 6-9pm. As always, I've searched to bring you the best original, contemporary art I can find. You can expect over 40 extraordinary pieces of painting, sculpture, drawing and collage from dozens of emerging artists. I hope you'll join me for a glass of wine and bring friends new and old. And if you haven't already, please like the gallery on Facebook, follow me on Instagram and Pinterest and continue to spread the word.

I look forward to seeing you. -Jeffrey