Overfield: New Large Works. Opening Friday, Sept. 4th from 5-9pm. September 04 2015

West Virginia-based contemporary figure painter Derek Overfield unveils his latest work at the gallery during First Fridays, Friday, September 4th from 5-9pm.

Stark. Bold. Dramatic. Artist and graphic designer Derek Overfield's figurative paintings have a visceral impact. Focusing on the human figure, he explores themes of power, mystery and romanticism. His award-winning work is represented in both public and private collections the world over. I'm excited to be showcasing his new large works.

As the opening coincides with First Fridays in the Delaware River Towns I'll be partnering with New Hope's legendary the Raven to kick-off their new Friday night DJ series. DJ Wil K will be spinning live from 5-9pm at the opening. Then he'll continue his set at 10pm at the First Fridays After Party back at the Raven. In between will be the last fireworks show of the Summer. It promises to be a wonderful night.

Come see Derek's incredible work, share a glass of rosé and don't forget your dancing shoes.

Summer Studios Now Open July 28 2015

A Series of Artist Residencies At The Jeffrey Meier Gallery in Lambertville, New Jersey
Featuring Artists Jason Mones, Matthew Marquis, Thomas Duane
Friday July 17th - August 25th Summer Gallery Hours: Wednesday - Sunday 11am-5pm
For six weeks in July and August the Jeffrey Meier Gallery in Lambertville, NJ will be transformed into an open artist studio with three different artists each 'taking over' for two-week long residencies. During each session the gallery will be used as a combination active studio and solo art exhibit. Original pieces of art will be on display and for sale for the duration of the artists residence. Select pieces will also be available online.
Each session will kick-off with a launch party to introduce the artist. Brooklyn-based artist Jason Mones will begin the series with an opening Friday, July 17th from 6-9pm. Artist Matthew Marquis from Hatfield, PA will launch his residency Friday, July 31st. Painter Thomas Duane, also from Pennsylvania, will be in residence starting Friday, August 14th.
"The concept of Summer Studios fulfilled two goals for me: it allowed the gallery to incorporate a 'live' element during a traditionally quieter period of the year and it also gave me the opportunity to showcase talented local artists which isn't always my focus during my regular show program," said Meier.
The culmination of the series with be a three person group show of selected works that will run the the month of September.

May Day: The 2015 Spring Show. Now through July 5th. May 07 2015

Dear Friends -
Spring comes with a long, rich history of traditions and rituals. In earlier times, the vernal equinox was considered the first day of the year for those who worked the land. It signified the beginning of a season of regeneration and growth. Worshippers prayed to Eostre, the moon goddess of fertility. The Druid goddess Blodeuwedd also symbolized fertility – but also magic, innocence and dawn.
In Germany, May Day (Der Este Mai) is an ancient festival designed to welcome warmer weather and drive away evil spirits. Bonfires are lit to scare away witches. Children play pranks on one another. Young men wrap branches in colorful ribbons and put them in the gardens of girls they would like to marry. 
My 2015 Spring Show is inspired by this wonderful folklore. I've searched to bring you the best original, contemporary art I can find. You can expect over 40 extraordinary pieces of painting, sculpture, drawing and collage from dozens of emerging artists. 
I hope you'll come share a glass of riesling for the opening of May Day on Friday, May 1st from 5-9pm. Bring friends, new and old, and if you haven't already, please like the gallery on Facebook and follow me on Instagram and Pinterest.
I looking forward to seeing you. - Jeffrey

Dark Matter: The 2015 Winter Show. Opening Saturday, February 21st. 6-9pm. February 15 2015

Dear Friends,

I was terrible at physics in high school. But as I've grown older I've become fascinated by science and outer space. Today, one of the great unanswered questions in astrophysics concerns a substance that actually makes up most of the universe. It's completely invisible yet possesses the gravity that holds our entire galaxy together. This mysterious stuff is called dark matter.

As a curator, it's my job to assemble collections of disparate artworks that ultimately hold together as a group. Generally this starts with a theme and you set out to find pieces that relate back to that idea. It can be done literally. But for me its best when the connections between the dots are less obvious, when the glue is more transparent yet holds everything perfectly in place.

My all black and white Winter Show entitled 'Dark Matter' opens Saturday, February 21st from 6-9pm. As always, I've searched to bring you the best original, contemporary art I can find. You can expect over 40 extraordinary pieces of painting, sculpture, drawing and collage from dozens of emerging artists. I hope you'll join me for a glass of wine and bring friends new and old. And if you haven't already, please like the gallery on Facebook, follow me on Instagram and Pinterest and continue to spread the word.

I look forward to seeing you. -Jeffrey

Radius Magazine features the Jeffrey Meier Gallery in its November/December 2014 Issue November 08 2014

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World Renowned Sculptor Julien Gardair at the Jeffrey Meier Gallery October 30 2014

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Cherry Bomb: The Summer Show. Opening Saturday, July 5th. 6-8pm. June 25 2014

My Summer Show 'Cherry Bomb' is a celebration of all things bright and brash. Fireworks, carnivals, the American flag and popsicles inspired a primary palette of electric blues, brilliant reds, bright yellows and oranges. As always, I've searched to bring you the best original, contemporary art I can find. You can expect over 40 extraordinary pieces of painting, sculpture, drawing and collage from dozens of emerging artists. July 5th through early October.

Rumspringa: The Spring Show Opens April 11 2014

'Rumspringa' features over 40 original, contemporary pieces of painting, drawing, collage and sculpture inspired by all the colors of Spring. Through June 29th.

Jeffrey Meier Gallery featured in Radius Magazine March 20 2014

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